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Company: Aptitude Security
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Location: Christchurch, Nueva Zelanda
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Security Officer Job Description:
In your role as a security officer, you will regularly interact with customers or clients. This can be in a range of different positions: Tatic security, bar security, retail security, loss prevention, crowd controlling etc.
Our Hiring Process:
Step One - Online Application
Step Two - Initial Meeting. An initial meeting is organised where the job is discussed and you get to meet with Our senior management.
Step Three - Unpaid Trial shift. This unpaid trial shift is used to determine if the work being done is what the candidate is looking for, as well as testing skills needed for the job.
Step Four - Fitness Testing. A fitness test is conducted across four stages: Ush ups, sit ups, squats, and beep test.
Step Five - Aptitude Testing. A formal Aptitude Test is used as one of the main types of pre- Employment assessment. Testing your knowledge of a particular subject that pertains to the job for which your being considered.
Step Six - Background Check & Reference Checking. The Human Resource management does a background check and contacts any relevant references.
Step Seven - Formal Interview. A formal interview is booked to discuss references or any relevant questions of the job.
Step Eight - Offer of Employment. A formal offer of is discussed and presented to you.
Step Nine - Mandatory security training is your first step to progressing in your career pathway and must be completed before your probationary period of 6 months has been completed.
This is followed with comprehensive first aid training and fire safety training. Once this is completed you are ready to progress your career further.
Some Duties may include:
Upholding and assisting staff with liquor licensing and host responsibility.
Verify legitimacy of passport, driver license or identification of the customers entering premises.
Identification of the Effects that alcohol & drugs have on the body.
De- Escalate conflict situation.
Restraint or removal of patron off premises.
Following of policies and procedures.
Benefits of working for aptitude security include:
Ongoing paid mandatory security training.
Mobil Petrol discount card.
Employee Health & Business Interruption Insurance.
Employer Kiwisaver Contribution.
Quarterly Paid Corporate Events.
Paid Barbering services.
Job Types: Permanent, Casual
Evening shift
Public holidays
Weekend availability
Weekends only

Work Day: 1 or 2 days per week
Employment type: Permanent Job
Salary: Negotiable
Positions available: 10

Minimal experience: No experience
Languages: English Bilingual / Native
Minimum required education: Secundario Graduado
Gender: Indistinct
- Availability to travel and work outside the city

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